Most of us are busy with hundred little things that have to be done before the trip. Travelling with right wardrobe could be a challenging task for many of us.
Keep the following tips in mind and you will be able to pull a lot of variety from your wardrobe.
Make what to Pack list and stick to it, don’t just throw clothes into your bags. You often have to plan for three climates that is your present location, your destination and the air conditioned airports and flights.

While travelling comfort should be top of your mind. Look for fabrics like cotton, nylon, lycra. These items don’t take much space and comes out wrinkle free.

The bare essential would be one swim suit and sarong. You can wear a sarong when you are heading off to the pool or beach. You can definitely go for Bright colors like Tango, bold reds and bright pinks that will elevate your pool look. 

A pair of walking shoes, a thong and a platform wedge that can be used as party shoes.

 Take one comfortable jersey harem pants, one cotton Capri, some Levis and a pair of knee length shorts.

 Make space for two light weight summer dresses and a short black dress that you can wear to rock the dance floor or for a romantic candle light dinner.

      A knit cardigan to wear on the plane and a couple of tee shirts.
      Pack some chunky necklaces, scraves and big bangles to make wonders to your look.

     A big tote that zips on the top is travel necessity and you can dump your lip balm, kajal , a nice fragrance in it. 
     Last but not the least, pack a fold up bag in your suitcase. This is ideal for those holiday purchases.