I am very fond of bright colors and a true believer that they bring lots of happiness and brightness in life. Do you know that Colors depict your nature, your mood and to some extent your personality? I feel that colors have a healing touch that can transform moods. Imagine yourself wearing dark pink, red, orange or a grey color with pops of pink; you will immediately feel elevated and happy. That’s what bright colors can do. But there are some days when you want to be lethargic. So, save your dull boring colors for that day.
I always wanted a red denim and I was looking for it since 4 months. After a long wait, I got my share of Red denims.
Here it is :-

Red Pants, Bandra/ Jacket, AND/ Top, Gifted by hubby/Accessories, Goa (Last worn here)/Sunglasses, Idee/ Shoes, Ginger ( Last worn here
PS :- I will post more of Red Denims. So, stay tuned to KIS with NKN.

How will you wear your Red Pants? Share with me by leaving a comment below.