Dry/ Flaky skin, Chapped lips, Cracked heels are the most common problems that people face during winter season. In Mumbai, people never experienced much cold until last year. Now the mercury has started descending in Mumbai.
To make you ready for the winter season and to avoid skin problems here are few tips.
·         Drink lots of water, fruit juices or vegetable juices to keep your skin hydrated.
·         Consume flaxseed to moisturize your skin from within and to maintain a natural glow of your body.
·         Moisturize your skin at regular intervals throughout the day most importantly before going to bed.
·         Moisturize your body with almond oil or coconut oil or olive oil atleast twice in a week before taking shower.
·         Do not indulge yourself in long hot showers that will dry out your skin further.
·         Use a gentle scrub once in a week to remove the dead cells from your body.
·         You can try a mixture of ripped banana and honey to get rid of cracked heels. You can also apply petroleum jelly over your cracked feet and keep it over night. The results will be very satisfactory.
·         Do not lick or bite chapped lips. Use a lip balm to keep them moisturized. You can also apply glycerin mixed with raw milk to your lips that will prevent and cure chapped lips.
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