Today I was thinking what should I write about as I haven’t done any photo shoot recently (due to my corporate  job which doesn’t have any fixed timings) and I haven’t watched Dabaang 2 yet. So, I thought why shouldn’t I introduce a new section to my blog?  …..As I have always been very fond of getting clicked and I am sure before blogging also I haven’t left a single moment without my photo shoot. So, guys here I am introducing a new section of my blog which is My Travel Diaries.

My husband is fond of travelling and I am fond of my pictures (Yes, I am obsessed with pictures). The only thing I can think of while travelling is Pictures Pictures and more Pictures…hehehehehehee.. I know it sounds stupid but that is what I like.
Today I am talking about my most memorable trip to Bangalore. I visited Bangalore in the month of July with my family (Ya that’s why it is the most memorable trip).We went their to visit my sister and brother-in-law,Bangalore is a beautiful place with a good weather and independent houses.It is difficult (almost impossible) to find independent houses in Mumbai or any metropolitan cities but Bangalore is an exception.(I love independent houses as I have brought up in one of them in my hometown).
During that trip we got a chance to visit Tirupati Balaji  (a famous pilgrimage in India) and Mysore (a Hill station).But our most fun day was the day spent in wonderla.
It is an amusement park with water rides, Musical fountation,laser show and hell lot of things.
Here is what me and my sister wore to wonderla. I think I have clicked most of my pictures with my sister

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