Yes, the party has begun!!!

I hope everyone had a good time in decorating their Christmas tree and making cakes.I had a wonderful time during Christmas. My office organized secret Santa and party afterwards (Corporate can be fun sometimes).I baked a wonderful chocolate cake (These days I am trying my hand on baking as well) and post a picture of it soon.

Now, I am looking forward to the new year eve (Its going to be fun). I know you all have wonderful plans to welcome  new year and you must have thought of some resolutions to follow in the coming year ahead.I am yet to decide mine, will keep you updated about my new year’s resolutions till that time here are some pictures from my office Christmas party.The theme was to look like a Christmas Tree.

Accessories- From an Exhibition

Bag- Paprika

Shoes- Citywalk

Top- 109F and Jeans- Forever 21

As you all can notice, I was not keeping well during this photo shoot but how can I leave any occasion without pictures?