A pic from our one of the Valentine’s Day

It’s a Valentine’s day and I am sure lot of us are excited to celebrate it with our loved ones. From past two-three days I have been asking my friends and colleagues about their Valentine’s day plans and I found everyone has mainly three views about Valentine’s day.

People who are in love and are in a relationship like me just love the concept of celebrating Valentine’s day with their partners as they have someone to pamper them and who wouldn’t like a dinner date with red roses and chocolates.

There is a category of people who says that Everyday is a Valentine’s day and you don’t need a special day to show your love (God bless their thinking) but if they don’t mind celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and festivals so what is the harm of getting one more reason to go out and have fun.

And Lastly, people who are against the concept of Valentine’s day as they don’t have someone special to go out with but I don’t understand why people relate Valentine’s day only with boyfriends or girlfriends. This is a day to show love to your loved ones and that can be anyone your parents, friends, family… anyone…You can celebrate it with your family and make them feel special. And if not you can buy gifts for yourself and make you feel special.

I love the concept of Valentine’s day as this is another day to make my love happy. I don’t know the origin of Valentine’s day but the only thing I know is that this is one of those days where we take special efforts to make this day all more special so why not??

Happy Valentine’s Day to All