If you are wondering what I am talking about then I am talking about a fitness contest that my company has organised for all its employees. It is not only for those who are over weight but it is for everyone who wants to remain fit and healthy. This contest is going to last for four months starting from 1st March and participation can be in a group of max five people or individually. And the biggest loser will get an exciting price. Isn’t it great?

First of all, you will be benefited by losing that extra fat and over and above that you will be given prices.Wow, I think it is a great initiative to motivate people. Atleast it has motivated me to shed that extra kilos not for the price money but for the team spirit.Now, you must be thinking why do I need to lose weight? Actually, in last two years (after marriage) I have gained lots of extra fat. I was thinking to start workout but was very lazy to do so..
This contest has given me motivation and it is really fun to lose weight with others.
Now-a-days, most of the time we discuss about healthy eating habits and workout.And we are getting proper diet chart from a dietitian which I will be sharing with all of you very soon because style and fitness goes hand in hand 🙂

Lets join hands to remain fit and healthy.Remember that More is FUN

Here are some pictures of my unsteady weight over years

If you want to join the fitness drive with me, you can write to me @nidhinindiya@gmail.com or you can reach to me on Facebook

Share your fitness tips on Facebook to motivate others.

Lets be the biggest loser.