Its being a week that I have started my diet and I have already loss 2 kgs. I know you are amazed even I am amazed (Its difficult to reduce weight man!!) But somehow I managed to do it neither I was intending to loss weight so early and so fast nor I am on some GM diet but I guess it is because I don’t have tendency to gain weight so easily (as I have always been slim before marriage or before my corporate job where I have to sit for the whole day) and some extra effort has made me loss easily. Still long way to go……

I know you all want to know what did I do to lose weight so quickly? Everybody is different and you have to treat them differently. It is very important to know what suits your body..
Honestly saying I haven’t banned on anything, it is just I have reduced the quantity of food I am eating at one time. Here are some tips that can help everyone irrespective of different body types:-
  • Walk Walk Walk… Walking a mile can save you not only from fats but from diseases also. 
  • Watch what are you eating? and how much are you eating?
  • Reduce your three big meals to five small meals.
  • Drink water (Everybody knows that)
  • Avoid Junk food or Fast Food as much as you can but one in a while it is fine if you have it. You can have a cheat day or a cheat meal
  • Add proteins in your diet like fish, eggs, chicken and so on…
  • Cut down on carbohydrates. Reduce the intake of white rice and shift to brown rice. 

If you will follow these easy tips in your day to day life, you will not gain any extra fat.

Be Healthy Stay Happy

Now moving on to my outfit of the day
Top – Last worn here
Pants- Forever 21

Neckpiece- Bandra

Bangles- Everywhere

Shoes- Citywalk

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