Karwa-Chauth is a fast that is done by married women for the prosperity and long life of their husbands. This also has a traditional story of princess and king attached to it which is somewhat similar to what we normally see in hindi masala movies where the couple departs and meets at the end.
In west, women don’t believe in keeping fast but it doesn’t mean that they care less about their husband’s life. The western women will prefer to cook healthy meals or will motivate their husbands to enroll for a gym rather than keeping a fast for one day. And In India, women will cook food in lots of oil and will keep fast to bribe God for their husband’s health. How justified? Isn’t it?
FYI, this was only about traditional Indian women. I also represent Indian women but modern Indian women who believe in the tradition but not blindly; who follow the tradition but not forcefully. I am happy to say that young independent women like me has made their own opinion rather than just following what has been passed onto them from generations. Modern Indian women are attached to their roots but they are practical in their deeds as well. I believe in passing on the traditions to my next generations but I don’t believe keeping a day’s fast can increase my husband’s life but it surely can strengthen the love and family bond.
Karwa-Chauth is not only limited to fasting. This is the most fashionable fast in India where the women wear beautiful Indian outfits and put Indian Tattoo (Mehndi) on their hands. The markets are filled with beautiful bangles and colorful clothes. Everything around looks so beautiful, I just can’t wait to see that hustle and bustle.